Games I've Made

Here are all the games I've made. You can click "Learn more" to see and download the game on, and you can see the project files by clicking on the "Github" button.

Yoswhal Accumulator

A deck-building, resource management clicker game.

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Area 50-Run

An alien infinite runner

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Reflect the laser to fix the spaceship

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Springy Thingy

Spring and glide with physics to reach new heights.

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Watch Robots Walk Around

Walk around amongst pathfinding robots.

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Crater Defense

A tower defense game in a crater with nice explosions.

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Thingy Flingy

Flingy the thingies to knock the blocks to please the mud.

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Space Train

Stealthy stealth game on a space train.

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A puzzle where you can pass through walls.

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Inner Space

Fly a tiny spaceship inside a house.

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Bot Breakout

Turn-based robo strategy.

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A multiplayer procedural dungeon treasure hunt game.

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